Our Produce

  • Crops (Cassava, Maize, Yam, Vegetable, Plantain/Banana, Soybean, Ginger, Sugarbeet)
  • Livestock production (Goat rearing, Fishery, Poultry, snail)
  • Plantation farming
  • Irrigation facilities set up and management
  • Setup of Hydroponic system
  • Snail farming

Best products. Best Value.

Best Quality Crop production, Livestock production, Plantation, Irrigation facilitation, Hydroponic system, Snail farming, Development of Business Plans, proposal, company profile, and feasibility studies.


All Produce are chemical free and produced using nothing but the best natural farming practices.

Fresh & Healthy

Geophinex products are the freshest and healthiest on the market. No additives, No preservatives

100% Organic

Need we say more? The best organic products at the most affordable prices.

Food Crops

Best quality of food and cash crops for consumption and supply.


Fruits for consumption, supply and processing/packaging industry.

Zobo Production

The hibiscus flower drink commonly called ‘zobo’ is one of the most nutritious plants. With our specialized farm methods, we produce and ship zobo leaf and seeds to customers across country. 

Yam Production

Farming, transport and exportation of Yams and yam seedlings, the chief staple food in Western Africa. 

Improved Plantain & Banana suckers

Plantain and banana farming which hold one of the most promising profit potentials are among the most neglected in Agriculture.  Plantains, both ripe and unripe are very good for the body as well as working well for the body’s sugar level.

Our suckers are genetically improved and modified to produce nothing but the best quality yield.

Improved Coconut seedlings


At Geophinex, we facilitate production, packaging and supply of soybeans and associated by-products to customers across the country.

Improved Palm Seedlings

Improved Cassava stem

Specially modified stems for healthier and better cassava yields.

Snail farming

Asides being a major source of protein, Snails are a major ingredient in most delicacies across the world. 

At Geophinex, our snail farming methods are guaranteed to give you better, bigger and healthier yields.

Bird & Poultry farming

Best Poultry practices and management for improved & healthy meat and feed production. Some of our bird kinds include:

Livestock herding and meat production

agribusiness development Services

Agric Business Plans

Our experts can facilitate, Prepare Farming Business Plans, proposals, company profile, and feasibility studies for all fields of agricultural endeavors.

Irrigation Farming

Irrigation facilities set up and management for enhanced farming.

Capacity Building

Geophinex Farm offers capacity development to farmers, youths, women to aid the improvement of agricultural practices, general knowledge and we are committed to providing wide-reaching training that meets the needs for all partners.

We facilitate capacity building in:

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