About Us

Our Vision is to promote sustainable development initiatives, creating and powering innovative farming for capacity building and promoting Agribusiness.

We are committed to providing the necessary tools and technology for farmers and agribusinesses to boost food and Livestock production with better yields, lower costs, and smarter marketing.

 At Geophinex Farms, we pride ourselves as an all-inclusive agricultural outfit with expertise in Soil testing, Farm Setup, Capacity Building (Training), Agribusiness Consultants and Processing.

Our Products & Services

At Geophinex, we are on a path to becoming industry leaders in the agricultural revolution.

Our PRODUCTS & SERVICES are geared towards ensuring the best quality of food crops, livestock, business development and support in Agriculture.

Crop Production

Livestock Production


Snail Farming

Hydroponic system Setup

AgriBusiness Development

For our exceptional work, we are recipients of the

'Award for Exemplary: Mentorship and Training, Supervision for Young people, 2017'

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